photos taken by eslam abdel salam

uneven grounds 

Uneven Grounds is a score-based site-specific performance. Through this performance piece I invited the audience to meditate and contemplate on their relationship with rivers and deserts that shape and surround the city of Cairo. The performance includes text by Mohamed Abdel Karim from his performance book Let The Sea Eat Me. It was performed twice: once in a Feluka in the Nile River and once in Wadi Degla Protectorate(Desert) in March 2020.

The performance uses the actions of walking and looking at the sky as metaphors for immigration through concepts of orientation, disorientation and way-finding. I was commissioned to make this piece by Esmat Publishing List  and The Institute of Things To Come during a series of events to launch the book Let The Sea Eat Me by Mohamed Abdel Karim.

photos taken by Eslam Abdel Salam