the stuff our dreams are made of

The Stuff Our Dreams Are Made Of is a collaborative performance project written, created and performed by myself and dance artist Emilia Robinson. The project explores memory, dreams and nightmares. It is a meditation on how we can share a dreamscape, together apart. The collaboration began in October 2013 and was performed at the Boilerhouse Theatre, Surrey. Further research & development debuted Dance Research Studio's Artist in Residence program funded by Arts Council and mentored by Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early. I continue to collaborate with Emilia since then on several occasions making live work and facilitating embodied practice.

The performance featured movement, dance, dialogue, text and photography. Instant photos were being taken during the performance itself, these photos were offered to the audience as ephemera at the end of the piece (seen clearly in the picture below). 

In 2020, I used material from this perfomance, namely polaroids photos, taken during rehearsal and dress rehearsal, and texts written by myself and Emilia Robinson to create MOON, an artist book.