photo by Guevara Namer, Lisbon, 2020


Sara Fakhry Ismail is a Cairo-based performance and visual artist, facilitator, researcher and somatics practitioner. Their performance work circles around sensation, states of being, bodies and embodiments and bodily integrity in urban space. They continue to use methods from performance and geography to search for, and at times create, visual trace in public space.

Their work often combines various mediums at once such as performance, publication, photography, video or audio-visual  installation. They incorporate meditative qualities in their work, forging links between concrete and the abstract; real and imagined; personal and social.

Sara teaches somatics and performance-making, and facilitates community theatre, artistic interventions and tools and methods for artistic collaboration within various contexts. 

Sara is also ½ of [GAAZ  Collective. Sara holds a B.A in Theatre & Performance from the American University in Cairo and an M.A in Contemporary Performance Practice from Royal Holloway University of London.